Testimonial Submission

Testimonial Submission

Thank you for engaging our services. We would appreciate if you would take less than 2 minutes to rate the services rendered by Justin Kong. Please kindly complete the form below and submit.

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For your convenience, I have written down some questions that may help you in writing your testimonial quickly and easily. You can use the questions as a guide to write your testimonial and add more points that were not covered in the questions below. I have also provided a sample testimonial, to give you an idea of what you can write in your testimonial because I know that writing a testimonial is not something that most people are used to doing.

Following are some questions to help you:

– How did you first hear of my services / get in touch with me?

– What made you decide to use my services?

– Have you used the services of other agents before? If yes, what did you feel were some of the differences between what you had experienced before compared to the results and experiences tat you had with my services?

– were there any significant and strategic advises that we provide that you felt was value-added service? Please provide specific examples if applicable.

– Throughout the entire process, from the first meeting with me to the completion of the paperwork, what were some of the more memorable examples/events that you observed were reflective of my capability, experience, expertise, professionalism and trustworthiness?

– How many transaction have you done with me, and..

What kind of results/profits have you been able to get by using my services and following my advise?

I would appreciate if you could include your full name, designation and company together with your testimonial as that would add credibility.