Find Out The Most Profitable Properties
You Can Upgrade To With A $12k Combined Income

My Research Team Has Spent Over 100+ Hours Identifying The Most Profitable Properties Available To You In 2024’s Singapore Real Estate Market… And I’m Revealing This To You Absolutely Free

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Can You Still Upgrade To Private Property In 2024's High-Priced Market?

If you’re a HDB owner that’s dreamt of upgrading to a private property…

Do you feel like you are priced out of the current market?

Do you feel like upgrading is not possible because quantums are too high?

Have you “given up” on owning a private property because you think you’re not eligible to upgrade anymore?

What If I told you that there are GEMS that you still can buy, with only a $12k combined income?

I’ve guided countless clients, just like you, with a strategic framework that transformed their “cannot” into a “can”…

By showing them how to pick winning properties that will be profitable for their family and securing a safety net of 12-24 months while ensuring their comfort.


It’s about understanding your goals, assets, and plans to know when to make the right moves…

So you can maximize your gains while minimizing risk even in the current tough market conditions.

Let me guide you to what’s genuinely possible.

Hi homeowners, I’m Justin Kong…

…a Real Estate Strategist with over 13 years of experience helping Singaporean families like yourself make highly accurate Real Estate decisions.

I’ve built a proven framework from over a decade of research and experience that ‘Minimises Risk’ while ‘Maximising Profit’, and has helped my clients pick profitable winning properties with 99% ACCURACY. 

My Property Research Team Has Poured 100+ Hours Crunching The Numbers Of Upcoming Launches...

To Identify The Top, Most Profitable Choices In 2024's Market With 99% Accuracy

And We're Giving This To Interested Home Buyers For Free.

What most Singaporeans don’t realize is that behind every successful property decision, there is a highly-specialised decision making framework that you need.

This is NOT just about trends and market rates.

To pick the right property, my team spends endless hours spent analyzing, interpreting, and projecting data from different sources.

We’re talking about privileged insights that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have access to.

This is exactly the reason why my specialized research team has spent hundreds of hours diving deep into past launches, current market conditions, and potential future appreciation…

To create a curated list of property choices that are more than just promising; they’re practically guaranteed to offer remarkable returns.

This kind of precision is the result of years of experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to helping ordinary Singaporeans succeed in the property game.

And now, for the first time, we’re pulling back the curtain and offering you a chance to leverage this exclusive information.

With my guidance, you’re not just buying a property; you’re investing in the right asset for your family. 

And to achieve this for home buyers, I use a framework that I developed, called the  M2RP Framework that picks profitable properties based on your unique situation.

How The M2RP Framework Uses Your Unique Situation To Identify Profitable Properties

Here’s an overview of how the M2RP Framework works to help my clients pick the most profitable properties with more than a 90% success rate:

We deep dive into your finances, exploring every angle, and making sure we have a clear idea of your risk versus reward.

Using my framework, we are able to identify and analyse properties 
to find the ones that are the most profitable. 

Using a structured approach to understand your priorities, we ensure that the property you pick focuses on your most urgent priorities.

Using this scoresheet, we are able to find the highest scoring properties without emotion, without bias, and only backed by data.

Real Life Stories From Clients Who Have Used My MR2P Framework To Identify & Profit From Winning Properties

It’s every Singaporean’s dream to upgrade –

But it’s no secret that the current prices in this market are way… too… expensive.

The recent property bubble has made many families give up their dreams of upgrading to a Condo.

But here’s the truth – That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

What most people don’t know is that… There are GEMs to be found whether it’s in the resale or new launch market.

Hidden, untapped gems that are a steal for you and your family… And can still appreciate well.

Hundreds of families have used my M2RP Framework to determine the best, most profitable properties available to them.

These clients managed to upgrade to 2 condos instead of 1!

These clients met me initially just to know what their options were. But after applying my M2RP Framework, they were pleasantly surprised that they could buy 2 private properties and they individually have a safety net of 1 year to
fall back to!

These clients narrowly avoided buying the wrong property.

After having a chat with them, I realised they were going to buy the wrong property based on their priorities. They were swayed by relatives and friends that they must buy freehold for rental. After applying my framework, we got clarity on what is important in their investment. They bought a development that is 99-year-old development in Lakeville that was easy to rent and is now
in the money.

These clients avoided making a bad decision with their HDB.

When I met these clients, they wanted to keep their HDB because they believed it would help 
them accumulate wealth… until I showed them the limitation of HDB prices and the effects of CPF Accrued Interest. So they sold off their HDB in Punggol Central with a profit of $260k, and bought Parc Centros 3RM + Eco Sanctuary 2RM. If they didn’t sell at the peak price, the value of their property would have dropped $200,000 in the next 6 years.

Here’s How My M2RP Framework Helped Francis and Joey Identify Their Dream Condo...

Making over $350,000 in profit for them.

Francis and Joey constantly battled doubts about their eligibility to upgrade or even make a confident move in the property market. 

The usual comment from peers and family was that 99 years don’t make money and owning a freehold is the way to go which was the only piece of knowledge they had.

If they had acted on it, they would have paid more for the freehold and may not have that much profit today…

But with the M2RP Framework I taught them combined with my guidance, they were able to see beyond common misconceptions,

And understand what the really important attributes of a winning property for them are and how eligible they are to purchase it.

They were able to pick the perfect property for their goals and made about $350k in profit in 9 years or a solid $38k annually.

This Is What You And Your Family Can Potentially Look Forward To If You Know The Most Profitable Properties That You Can Move Into:

Accelerate Your Wealth

The right property choice can accelerate your family's wealth building by years

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

For your family and children, and increase your quality of life.

Profit Generating Asset

Live in a property that is constantly making you money as you live in it!

Who Am I?

My name is Justin Kong – 13 Year Veteran Real Estate Strategist, 

Proud husband and father of 2.



Over the past 13 years, I’ve developed a proven framework that has helped hundreds of Singaporean home buyers pick winning properties with high accuracy – I call this the M2RP Framework to Maximise Upside, while Minimising Risk.

My M2RP framework can be easily used by any Singaporean home-buyer to repeatedly pick profitable properties over and over again for you and your family…

❌ Without ever needing to rely on the opinions of friends, family…

❌ Without having to worry about others feeding you “biased” information that you’re not sure can be trusted

❌ And without making property decisions based on a “gut feeling”

Over the years, many home buyers who have learnt and applied my M2RP Framework have become my trusted friends, and regularly seek advice from me even years later,

And this is because they trust that they will only hear transparent, unbiased, and accurate information from me with no hidden agenda,

So they can continue picking properties that will:

✔️ Enhance their family’s quality of life with the right size, comfort, and space

✔️ Prioritise their family’s needs and dreams

✔️ And act as a consistent source of profit

Ready to experience how the M2RP Framework can help you build profitable properties that will lay the foundation for your family’s wealth?


The M2RP Framework ONLY WORKS for homeowners who have hit these minimum requirements:

– Reached your 5 Year MOP
– Have a Joint Income of 12k and above
– Committed to planning for the next 10 to 15 years, with your family as a top priority

If you are a homeowner who meets these requirements, use this chance to learn more about the M2RP Framework and let me help you create a strategy to help you pick the most profitable properties.

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If You’ve Skipped All The Way To The End, Here’s What You MUST Know.​

90% of HDB Homeowners don’t know the property options that are available to them.

This might be you, thinking that upgrading to private property might be too far-fetched for you… thinking that there are no property options left available to you…

…but so did the rest of my clients at first, until they realised they actually had so many more moves available for them, that could bring in profits for them and their family.

Just by simply knowing what property options are available to you can be extremely empowering, and help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Here’s what knowing the property options that are available to you and your family can potentially do for you:

Accelerate Your Wealth

The right property choice can accelerate your family's wealth building by years

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

For your family and children, and increase your quality of life.

Profit Generating Asset

Live in a property that is constantly making you money as you live in it!

I Have Been Trusted By Home Buyers To Give You Only Unbiased, Transparent Advice For The Past 13 Years: 

Join Me For A Free No-Obligation, No Selling Strategy Call And Get Access To My List Of Most Profitable Properties In The Current Market

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Here’s what you can expect in this no obligation call:

Risk Diagnostic Test

We will dive deep into your finances, weighing your risks and setting up a safety net for your family.

Needs & Profile Analysis

I will help you find clarity on what you prioritize in a property, aligning it with your lifestyle and long-term goals.

High Profit Probability Strategy

I will show you which properties in the current market score the highest with my high-profit probability criteria.

Property Selection Scoresheet

I will help you identify properties that not only meet but exceed a 90/100 score, which means it is a GREAT buy.

Final Result

A property choice that balances your family’s needs, profit goals, and becomes a valuable asset for you.

To make sure that I give my 100% best advice to everyone who signs up for this FREE offer, I only have slots to work with a few home buyers at once. Slots are limited and fill up quickly. 

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