No-Obligation Zoom Call with Justin Kong Has Been Booked!

IMPORTANT: Watch this personal thank you message from Justin to you… and find out how this 1-on-1 call will help you find the perfect, most profitable property for your family.

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Here’s what justin will do for you in this no sales, no obligation strategy call:

RDT Analysis

We will dive deep into your finances, weighing your risks and setting up a safety net for your family.

NPA Breakdown

I will help you find clarity on what you prioritize in a property, aligning it with your lifestyle and long-term goals.

HPP Strategy

I will show you which properties in the current market score the highest with my high-profit probability criteria.

PSS Scoring

I will help you identify properties that not only meet but exceed a 90/100 score, which means it is a GREAT buy.

Final Result

A property choice that balances your family’s needs, profit goals, and becomes a valuable asset for you.


Remember – this is a no-obligation session aimed at pinpointing the best property for you with a 99% ACCURACY using the M2RP framework.

So if you’re ready to upgrade to a property with long-term profitability to secure your family’s future, do make sure you attend.

Talk to you soon.